Presenting Partner of Cirque du Soleil in Canada

For years, Sun Life Global Investments has brought investors world class investment managers. That’s why we partnered up with the best in the performing arts.

We are proud to be the Presenting Partner of Cirque du Soleil in Canada and are thrilled to be apart of this year’s spectacular shows ALEGRIA™, KURIOS Cabinet of Curiosity™, KOOZA ™, and OVO™.

Enter now for your chance to win a trip for two to see Cirque du Soleil anywhere in Canada during the 2023 season

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Contest closes on December 31st, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET.


The Grand Prize:

  • Two tickets with VIP access to one Cirque du Soleil show in Canada during the 2023 season
  • Round trip economy airfare for two people to the selected Cirque du Soleil city
  • Two nights accommodation
  • A backstage tour of Cirque du Soleil to meet the artists
  • $500 CDN spending money!

There are also 17 secondary prizes available to be won!


This could be you!

Jessica got to experience the extraordinary during her time at LUZIA™ in Calgary. Check it out! 

Investments and the arts - why?

An investment company working with an acrobatic performance company may seem like an unlikely pairing, but there are great reasons that this partnership just makes sense. 

For Sun Life Global Investments and Cirque du Soleil, we identified shared values that we could further elevate through our partnership. These four shared values are: preparation, longevity, risk and excellence.


In both the arts and finance, preparation is key and precedes all else. If you haven’t properly prepared for a show, there is no possible way you’re pulling off the necessary choreography, acrobatics, routines, and storyline that it requires to put together a magnificent performance.

Similarly, with investing, you can’t expect to have all of the funds you need to put your children through post-secondary school with two months’ notice, or in just one year have everything you need for retirement. 

In order to properly prepare for milestones in life, a personal goal, or a business goal, preparation is paramount. The key ingredients are time, a clear goal, knowledge gathering and coaching. It’s when you’ve prepared well that you get to walk into a milestone moment and be set up for success.


Cirque du Soleil requires performers to embrace longevity. If they were to train excessively upfront, performers would have no steam left leading up to the show. Likewise, if they left it all to the last minute, they may not have the correct amount of time to make adjustments or further refine their performance. That’s why we plan for longevity—to get the most out of our investments and endeavors.


You watch one Cirque du Soleil show, and it’s easy to see that these performers are taking risks. From walking tightropes, to doing multiple flips in the air and landing on an impossibly skinny beam, to relying on their teammates holding them as they dangle hundreds of feet in the air—there’s non-stop risk.

But outweighing the risk is the preparation: putting measures in place to mitigate risk and the right set up, safety features and so on.

It’s our job to look for ways to mitigate risk; to put the right tools and people in place so that the risks we take are measured, calculated and mitigated for success.

Creative Risk

Cirque du Soleil has built a reputation on excellence—excellence in performance, creativity, acrobatic capability, costume design, musicality, and the list goes on. Excellence is something that we highly value at Sun Life Global Investments, for the hundreds and thousands of advisors and investors that we impact. We bring our best every day, doing both the big and small tasks with excellence so that they will reap the rewards. Excellence pays forward.

In all spheres of life, these are four values we could all apply in our daily lives—preparation, longevity, risk and excellence. 

We are excited to get back into the community in 2022!

Stay tuned for more details.

LiveBright Scholarship Program 

The LiveBright Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate leadership in their communities, understand the importance of gender diversity and strive to achieve academic success. Congratulations to our 2021 winners Yasmeene, Ethan, India, Candice and Juliana! Click here to learn more about the LiveBright Scholarship.

The Boys and Girls Club of Longueil, Quebec visit Cirque du Soleil's Headquarters

In 2019, we invited 20 young people from the Longueuil Boys and Girls Club to become performers for the day at an exclusive day camp at Cirque du Soleil's global headquarters in Montreal. This was a unique opportunity for young members of the club to interact with Cirque du Soleil trainers. The experience supports our commitment to build sustainable, healthier communities for life. Watch as we bring this homegrown success story to life for young members of the community.