Sustainable Investing

We are committed to sustainable investing

Your investment choices can make a positive impact while capitalizing on the return potential of sustainable investments.

And our goal is to help you along the way.

Why does sustainable investing matter?

Investors are asking




of Canadians are interested in responsible investing solutions1

Forces converging to drive investment


$60T +

To meet the Paris Agreement, at least US $60 Trillion will need to be invested into renewable energy and carbon-reducing technology by 2050.2

World-wide corporate implementation


Investment owners and managers have signed on to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment since it’s inception in 2005.3

Record inflows



↑ 15%

Between 2018 and 2020, global sustainable investing assets grew to $35.3T 4

Sustainable investing in Canada is growing… not just a global phenomenon

Plenty of interest




in responsible investment assets under management (AUM).5

Strong growth



48% growth

in responsible investment AUM over a two-year period.5

Mutual Funds a leading way to access


↑ 36%

Retail responsible investment mutual fund assets increased from $11.1 billion to $15.1 billion over two years.5

Two-thirds of professionally managed $


of Canada's professionally managed assets incorporate environmental, social and governance factors.5

Reasons to consider sustainable investing

Mitigating risk

Return potential

Invest for the future

Invest to meet values

Sun Life’s sustainability pillars:

Our commitment to sustainable investing aligns with three deeply interconnected sustainability pillars of our parent company, Sun Life: Advancing sustainable investing, increasing financial security and fostering healthier lives. It is why we are committed to, amongst other principles, the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

Sustainable investing

Financial security

Healthier lives

In addition, SLGI Asset Management Inc. has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner through the Net Zero Asset Manager's Initiative


“We give Canadian investors access to world-class sub-advisors. These are exceptional asset managers that we painstakingly test and evaluate before they make it onto our shelf. And we ensure that our sub-advisors share our commitment to investments that are both sustainable and financially beneficial. This commitment aligns our approach with the best interests of investors – today and in the future.”


-Oricia Smith, President, SLGI Asset Management Inc. and Senior-Vice President, Investment Solutions, Sun Life Canada 

Why incorporate ESG factors?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors may impact an entity’s financial performance, so ESG analysis is an important component of security selection. In addition, ESG affects the external asset management firms we choose to work with. As we seek out best-in-class sub-advisors (like KBI or Schroders), we apply an ESG lens to our evaluation. This gives us a deeper understanding of how they manage money. And, it helps us understand how they integrate ESG factors to the companies they are investing in, including:

  • their ability to navigate an increasingly complex and evolving landscape
  • their corporate culture - innovation, employee engagement, and investment and servicing excellence

We believe ESG insights shed light on the manager’s deliberate efforts to arm themselves with the skills and tools necessary to navigate future uncertainty.

We are bound to the six core principles for responsible investment which we continue to review and innovate:

Incorporate ESG factors into our investment analysis and decision-making processes.

Be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.

Seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues from the sub-advisors as well as corporations in which we invest.

Promote acceptance and implementation of the Principles across the industry.

Work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Principles.

Report on our activities and progress towards implementing the Principles.

Our approach for SLGI Asset Management Inc. funds that integrate ESG factors

  ESG integration Sustainability focused
Description Embedding ESG data with traditional financial analysis of a company helps to broaden coverage and deepen assessment. Focuses on investing in themes or assets expected to be aligned with broader societal objectives. 
Examples include Energy production and/or consumption, waste and pollution, human rights & management capability. Climate action (i.e. clean energy) & health and wellbeing (i.e. clean water)
Learn more* Sun Life Global Investments sub-advisors  Sun Life KBI Sustainable Infrastructure Private Pool 

*Please refer to SLGI Asset Management Inc.’s Simplified Prospectus under “investment strategies” section for those funds that integrate ESG factors.

We put strong emphasis on continuously advancing our practices, and we hold our sub-advisors to the same standard.

A competitive advantage like no other

We believe that issues surrounding the environment, governance, and social considerations can directly impact an investment’s performance. Here is how we integrate ESG into what we do.

Sub-advisor selection
  • Sub-advisors must clearly articulate how ESG is integrated into their investment analysis and decision making which helps support overall value generation and risk management
  • We monitor each sub-advisor across a broad range of criteria, including ESG integration. This includes quantitative analysis of the portfolio as well as in-depth, annual questionnaires clearly outlining their approach to ESG, and are subject to ongoing monitoring from our embedded ESG resources.

Rigorous ongoing monitoring 

  • We rigorously assess and evolve our portfolios, measure results, and submit annual reporting to the UN’s PRI program.
  • This transparency validates our commitment to firmly integrate ESG considerations into our investment process.
  • We are in a unique position to observe best practices across the industry.

Multi-asset Solutions Team 

  • Our managed solutions include allocations between various asset categories, regions and management styles, using sub-advisors from around the globe.

Our commitment to sustainable investing

Corporate sustainability

View the Sun Life Sustainability Report 2021



Read how our sub-advisors approach ESG and sustainable investing


A deeper look at ESG integration

Learn how we integrate ESG factors, and engage with our sub-advisors on their ESG approaches

Key terms defined:
  • Corporate sustainability is our firm commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Net Zero, Sustainable Investing, etc.
  • Sustainable investing is the umbrella investing term (that encompasses ESG integration and sustainability-focused funds)
  • ESG integration is how sub-advisors evaluate, engage and measure companies they consider investing in
  • Sustainability focused is an investment that focuses on themes or areas related to sustainability such as renewable energy, waste and water management, sustainable forestry and agriculture


1RIA: 2020 Investor Opinion Survey.

2 Energy Transformation: A Roadmap to 2050.


4Global Sustainable Investment Review 2020

5Source: RIA 2020 Canadian Responsible Investment Trends Report.