This tool is designed to help you and your advisor define your investment profile and goals, and choose the most appropriate Sun Life Managed Solution for your particular needs based on your responses to a series of questions.
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Sun Life Granite Managed Income Portfolios
1.Your knowledge of investments is:
2.How long do you expect your investments to be invested?
3.You need your investments to:
4.Would you consider your tolerance for investment risk to be:
5.You're considering investing a third of your current portfolio in a company that financial experts say is solid; however, the investment is not guaranteed and you could lose part of it. How low must the likelihood of loss be for you to make the investment?
6.How much of a temporary decline (for example, one year) in the value of your investment could you tolerate?
7.Higher return investments tend to have greater risk, while lower-risk investments tend to have lower returns. How much of your investments are you willing to invest in higher-risk investments for the potential to earn higher returns?
8.In making financial and investment decisions, you are:
9.What percentage of your investments are you comfortable investing longer than five years and not dependent on for income?
10.Which of the following statements best describes your financial situation? Please consider your regular expenses and your ability to repay outstanding loans as well as saving for emergencies and retirement.