Trade disputes and political unpredictability became major risks. Then tax cuts and deregulation seemed to address them. Until… 2020 when the pandemic came and shut down economies… and then fiscal and monetary stimulus revived the market. If this were a movie, it would be entertaining. Unfortunately, it’s people’s financial security. Many Canadians are relying on their savings, and the growth of their savings in the unpredictable markets, to sustain them through retirement.  

Market risks are the starting point for us. But, if you’ve been speaking to our wholesaling teams, you will know the expression “more dimensions of risk.” We want to help advisors solve for additional dimensions of risk that investors face in their accumulation and decumulation years.  





These are more than just words to us: they define retirement planning for Canadians.

Investments can underperform; and inflation can erode the buying power of savings. Longer-lived Canadians can outlive their savings; and at death, the wealth transfer can either go smoothly, and meet the needs of heirs, or not.  

Being part of Sun Life, a company that has been managing risks for Canadians for over 155 years, trains us to think in terms of risks, and connect advisors to products that can help. It allows us to represent a broader product suite, with more planning features, than most firms. 

Over my time here, I’ve been impressed by the efforts of our sales teams in starting these product allocation discussions – and listening to the insights of advisors. Whether it’s meeting specific investor needs or helping to protect from the risks that investors face, this partnership is helping a lot of investors work through a challenging time.  

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