A few things to keep in mind before hosting a virtual seminar:
  • Keep it relevant. Ensure the content you’re delivering is useful. Consider using a pre-event survey to gather topics your audience would like to learn more about. On the day of the event, encourage participation by asking them to contribute questions in the chat or share something in a roundtable format.
  • Mix up the format. Don’t rely on a long set of slides to get your point across. Mix in images, videos, diagrams, audio clips, PDFs, interactive tasks and breakout sessions. Kick it off with PowerPoint but move into other material to convey the information.
  • Make it short. Keeping your presentation under two hours will help attendees stay engaged.
  • Play games. Adding a quiz, memory game or puzzle are fun ways to engage the audience with your content.

Women have unique needs and perspectives. Tailoring events to meet them can help retain clients and gain new ones. How can you translate an in-person event experience into something valuable for people online?

Here are some ideas on how to create a virtual event to help you connect with women:

  • Host an online cooking class. Invite a local chef to teach the group how to prepare a delicious meal and dessert.
  • Fiscal fitness with a trainer. Invite a fitness or yoga instructor to give a class in an online format to clients and their friends. Discuss strength training and physical fitness while making the connection to fiscal fitness concepts.
  • Donation drive. Encourage clients to donate items they no longer need. Post the items online for sale to raise money for charity. At the end, tell everyone the grand total that was raised.
  • Aging parents. Invite a senior care agency representative to provide tools and resources that help tackle tough issues, like paying for care, finding appropriate housing and talking about money.
  • The ultimate triathlon. Mom, wife executive. Invite a life coach to speak to working women about how they integrate different facets of their life. The coach can conduct exercises and touch on helping these power players redefine their purpose.
  • Savvy women, smart investors. Women face unique financial pressures, whether they are raising a family, caring for aging parents or saving for their own long-term goals. Host a seminar to discuss these challenges and offer strategies and tips geared towards women.


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