Sun GIF Solutions Strategic Income

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Sun GIF Solutions Strategic Income is designed for Clients seeking a lifetime guaranteed income within five years of their deposit, with ongoing access to their money as needed. The Fund is available within Sun GIF Solutions Income Series, which provides:

  • A lifetime income guarantee as early as age 50, with the guaranteed income amount based on minimum income rates at the time of deposit. Each year the Client defers electing income, a higher lifetime guaranteed income becomes available.
  • A guarantee of 75% of deposits at maturity (age 100).
  • A guarantee of 75% of deposits upon death.

The Fund's objective is the generation of lifetime guaranteed income, so its investment focus is on secure, investment-grade fixed income investments. The Fund invests in a mix of:

  • Public fixed income investments (about 90% of the Fund).
  • Private assets, including private fixed income and commercial mortgages (about 10% of the Fund).

SLC Management is the brand name used by Sun Life Capital Management (Canada) Inc., the registered entity that manages the Fund's investments.

Sun Life Capital Management (Canada) Inc. is a Canadian registered portfolio manager, investment fund manager, exempt market dealer and in Ontario, a commodity trading manager, and is the manager of the SLC Management Private Fixed Income Plus Fund, SLC Management Long term Core Fixed Income Fund, SLC Management Core Fixed Income Fund and the SLC Management Canadian Commercial Mortgage Fund.

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