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This program provides affluent investors with a variety of investment options with competitive fees.

Minimum premium amounts

To enter the program you need to have a minimum market value of $250,000 in Private Client eligible units. Once you reach this amount, you will be automatically enrolled in the program. If at any time the market value of your Private Client eligible units falls below the minimum, we may terminate your participation in the program.

Eligible units

For a list of investment options and sales charge options that are currently eligible, see investment options.

Management fees

When the market value of units in eligible funds is equal to or more than the minimum for the Private Client pricing, you will receive a reduced management fee for those units. We calculate management fee reductions daily. A different rate of management fee reduction applies according to each tier and the rate is applied to the assets within a particular tier only.

For all eligible units, except O class units, we apply the management fee reduction monthly by allocating additional units to your contract. The additional units do not affect your guarantees.

For O class units we collect the management fee, plus applicable taxes, monthly directly from your O class units proportionately from each fund. The redemption of units to pay the management fee does not affect your guarantee.

The table below sets out the management fee reductions. For more information, see your information folder and contract.

Management fee reduction for contracts purchased on or after June 4, 2019 (for contracts purchased before June 4, 2019, refer to your information folder and contract)

Daily total market value of Private Client eligible units Management fee reduction
(within tier)
Tier 1 – greater than $250,000 to $500,000 0.050%
Tier 2 - greater than $500,000 to $1 million 0.150%
Tier 3 - greater than $1 million to $3 million 0.200%
Tier 4 - greater than $3 million 0.250%

To learn more, visit Sun Life Global Investments Private Client Pricing.

Note: The Private Client Pricing is subject to our administrative rules and we may discontinue or change all or part of the program, including any class of units offered in the program.