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Stock prices to drop further despite moves from Fed, BoC

CIO Sadiq S. Adatia discusses how to navigate volatile markets on BNN Bloomberg and where he sees potential opportunity from a longer-term perspective.

Canadian consumer 'tapped out' in terms of spending: Sun Life's Adatia

CIO Sadiq S. Adatia joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his strategy ahead of the Canadian bank earnings.

Look for 5-10% upside on the S&P in 2020

The U.S. equity markets soared over the course of 2019, as lower interest rates south of the border helped drive investors in stocks. BNN Bloomberg spoke with CIO Sadiq S. Adatia for more on this and his 2020 outlook.

Commodities, infrastructure key areas in the hunt for yield

The global hunt for yield is on in earnest, as rock-bottom interest rates help drive demand for dividend-paying risk assets. For more on this and where he's hunting for yield, BNN Bloomberg spoke with CIO Sadiq Adatia, Sun Life Global Investments.

Don't expect a recession until at least 2021

There are some dark clouds forming over the global economy amid the protracted trade war between the U.S. and China, leading to some speculation a recession could be in the offing. For more on this and why his base case scenario isn't for a recession until at least 2021, BNN Bloomberg spoke with CIO Sadiq Adatia, Sun Life Global Investments.

We are a long ways away from a complete trade deal

CIO Sadiq S. Adatia discusses the impact that ongoing trade frictions are having on the global economy and his investment strategy for the end of 2019.

Investing with options amid global uncertainty

CIO Sadiq Adatia, talks about the impact that trade wars and recession fears are pushing on the markets. He doesn’t think there will be a recession within the next year, but investors should be planning for global risks.

It's all about the Fed and rates

Sadiq Adatia, CIO at Sun Life Global Investments, says it's the U.S. Federal Reserve's handling of interest rates that'll determine the direction of the markets. He explains why he thinks stocks can still move higher and says for the next six months there should be positive catalysts.

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