• Guarantee benefits

    Depending on the product, you can reduce your investment risk and protect your income needs with guarantees ranging from:

    • 75% maturity guarantees*
    • 75% to 100% death benefit guarantees*
    • Lifetime guaranteed income*
  • Insurance benefits

    Segregated fund contracts are insurance contracts that can also provide unique benefits:

    • Named beneficiary options
    • Potential creditor protection
    • Potential to avoid Probate
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Understanding Segregated Fund contracts

Learn more about Segregated Fund contracts and the unique benefits they can offer.

The value in Segregated fund contracts

Read about some of the ways Segregated Fund contracts could be right for you.

The value in Segregated fund contracts

Read about some of the ways Segregated Fund contracts could be right for you.

Build and protect your savings with Sun Life GIFs

When you invest into a segregated fund, you contribute to a large pool of money. This pool is invested back in stocks, bonds or other securities that grow the value of the entire investment. With segregated fund contracts you also have maturity and death benefit guarantees. These guarantees can help protect your investments against market downturns. In some cases you will even have income guarantees for life.

Sun Life GIFs offer many of the benefits of mutual funds with the protection and estate planning advantages of an insurance contract.

Sun Life GIFs offer two products to help meet your financial needs:

Sun GIF Solutions

Sun GIF Solutions three guarantee series can grow with you through life’s stages, helping you meet your evolving financial needs.  With the convenience of its “All-in-one” contract structure, Sun GIF Solutions offers the flexibility to move between the series**, helping you make the most of the guarantees.

Sun GIF Solutions provides:

Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF

Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF reduces key retirement risks, and offers growth potential. It also gives you possibility of increasing the guaranteed income you will receive. This can happen when markets and interest rates are favourable during years leading up to retirement. When you’re getting ready to retire and choose to start taking income, this product offers certainty about lifetime guaranteed income you’ll receive.

Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF provides:

  • Lifetime guaranteed income
  • Market and interest rate risk protection, through guarantees

Sun Life GIFs can solve for more dimensions of risk

Sun Life Global Investments has the ability solve for more dimensions of risk, both inside and outside of investment portfolios. Risks others cannot address. Risks you may be overlooking. Risks we have been successfully handling for decades.

Risks such as:

Longevity Risk: The risk of running out of money before you run out of breath, which amplifies the following four other risks:
Inflation Risk: The risk of your purchasing power eroding over time.
Market Risk: The risk of loss due to market performance.
Performance Risk: The risk of loss due to assets not being managed effectively
Mortality risk: The risk of being able to provide income continuation after the untimely death of a spouse or partner.

Learn more about the Sun Life GIFs Opportunity

  • Investment options

Sun Life GIFs offer a range of investment options. Learn more about the underlying funds within our Sun Life GIF contracts.

  • Tools

Choose the best investment path for your needs with our tools, discover current income rates, or login into your MySunLife GIFs account.

  • Sun Life Investment GIF e-App

Feel confident in your digital business! Submit segregated fund applications electronically with a guided workflow. The Investment GIF e-App does the work for you, saving time for you and Clients.

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* See the information folder and contract for details on the guarantees available.
** Withdrawals affect the value of contract guarantees. Moving between Sun GIF Solutions series in a non-registered contract can result in a taxable event.
Sun Life GIFs are individual variable annuity contracts issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, a member of the Sun Life group of companies. Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract owner and may increase or decrease in value.