MFS Investment Management (MFS)1

Founded in 1924, Boston-based MFS brings nearly a century of active management experience to investors’ portfolios.

MFS offers:

  • Deep history

    In 1924, MFS launched North America’s first mutual fund, opening the door to the markets for millions of everyday investors.

  • Scale

    Today they manage over $828 billion in assets (as at June 30, 2021).

  • Global reach

    They have grown into a full-service global investment firm with 17 sales offices and 9 investment centers worldwide.

  • Discipline

    They are known for an unwavering commitment to global research, active risk management and long-term discipline.

Investment approach

For nearly a century, MFS has lined up their active investment approach with a sole purpose: To create long-term value responsibly.

That approach thrives on:

Global collaboration. Integrated global research.

MFS believes the collective expertise of their teams brings them to better investment decisions through:

1. Engagement

  • With the companies they own to understand what could influence their sustainable value
  • Using their voting power to influence issues that matter

2. Diversity & collaboration

  • Teams of diverse thinkers share and debate their unique perspectives
  • This helps to build conviction in their investment ideas

3. Integrated research

  • Through a global platform that allows them to develop local market perspectives
  • Drives information sharing across sectors, geographies and asset classes

Actively manage risk: Have conviction in the businesses you own. Focus on the downside.

MFS navigates risk through a process that includes:

1. A risk-aware culture

  • Risk management is a shared responsibility and is central to decision making

2. Understanding material risks

  • They factor environmental, social, or governance (ESG) issues into their research
  • This helps them to understand and ease any risks to sustainable long-term value

Long-term discipline. Develop investment talent.

Thinking long-term has always been part of MFS' heritage because they believe it helps pursue the outcomes investors need.

Long-term discipline takes:

1. Conviction and longer time horizons

  • This is made possible by robust research and the confidence to let their investment thesis play out

2. Sustainable investing

  • Where they favour environmental, social, or governance (ESG) integration and engagement over a separate outcome

3. Continuity & succession planning

  • To develop talent and plan for their next generations of leadership and investment teams

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1 MFS Investment Management or MFS refers to MFS Investment Management Canada Limited and MFS Institutional Advisors, Inc. MFS Investment Management Canada Limited and MFS Institutional Advisors, Inc. have entered into a sub-advisory agreement. Because MFS operates outside of Canada, Canadian securities regulators may not require MFS' investment team to be registered in Canada. Where MFS operates outside of Canada, it provides investment advice under statutory exemptions or regulatory relief, as applicable.