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Featured products

Having a tough time making a choice?  Here are a few of our featured solutions to ask your advisor about.

Sun Life MFS Diversified Income Fund

There’s a better approach to income. A multi-asset, income oriented, global balanced portfolio.

Sun Life KBI Sustainable Infrastructure Private Pool

A high-conviction, actively managed portfolio focused on capturing the opportunities in global sustainable infrastructure assets.

Sun Life MFS Global Value Fund

Invest in undervalued, high-quality global companies.

Investment solutions

Choose from a wide range of asset categories.

Money market funds invest in short term debt and cash equivalent securities. Investors who have low risk tolerance, a short time horizon and who are seeking regular monthly income often use money market funds. Fixed income funds invest in bonds and other debt securities that pay income to investors on a fixed schedule. They may help generate income, preserve capital and lower portfolio volatility. There are a wide variety of types you can select from.

Canadian money market funds

Canadian fixed income funds

North American fixed income funds

Diversified income funds focus on generating income by investing across a variety of income-oriented strategies, asset classes, sectors, and/or geographies.

If you are investing outside of a registered plan, corporate class funds offer a tax-smart option. They offer the potential for tax-deferred growth via reduced taxable distributions. If there are dividends from these funds, they will only be paid as capital gains or Canadian dividends – among the most tax-efficient forms of income.

To learn more about how our investment solutions can help you meet your goals, talk to your advisor today.

1 Effective March 6, 2023, Sun Life Milestone 2025 Fund is closed to new investments. Any accounts that already hold securities of the Fund are permitted to continue to hold, purchase, and/or switch-in additional securities of the Fund. Existing pre-authorized chequing plans are permitted to continue to purchase securities of the Fund.