Governance & engagement

Sustainability committee

We established the Sun Life Global Investments Sustainability Committee to help us set our sustainability priorities, measure our success, and report on our progress.

Primary responsibilities

Strategic planning

Set the strategic direction and priorities on key sustainability initiatives

Industry monitoring

Monitor regulatory updates and evolving industry best practices

Policy oversight

Approve the firm’s sustainable investing policy, guidelines and strategies

Manager oversight

Review sub-advisors’ progress on ESG adoption and facilitate engagement where appropriate

Industry engagement

Participate in regulatory and industry initiatives related to sustainability.


Track the success of initiatives over time through regular reporting and performance metrics

Alignment with parent company

Liaise with Sun Life’s International Sustainability Council and ensure alignment with Sun Life’s sustainability plan

Committee members

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of senior leaders from a variety of departments across Sun Life Global Investments, as well as other areas of Sun Life, providing diversity of perspectives and expertise.

“Climate change is a defining issue of our time. It affects all people, companies, sectors and regions.  I believe that Sun Life Global Investments can have a positive impact on climate change while delivering strong performance for our clients.” ~ Oricia Smith, President of SLGI Asset Management Inc., and Senior Vice-President, Investment Solutions, Sun Life Canada, and Chair of the Sustainability Committee

Adelina Romanelli, CFA, FSA Credential Holder,
Director, Responsible Investing, Sun Life Global Investments

“Recognizing our role in the massive, but urgent, transformation of our global landscape towards an equitable and inclusive low-carbon economy is a source of inspiration. Addressing climate change is critical to establishing some degree of stability and addressing the “just” principles is the only way towards a truly resilient ecosystem.”

Amanda Correa,
Head of Marketing, Sun Life Global Investments

“Systematic changes need to take place in order so we can keep our planet healthy and our economies strong. We all can strive to make a difference to end hunger, reduce inequalities and take urgent action to reduce climate change.”

Anne Meloche, FSA, FCIA,
Head of Institutional Business, Sun Life Global Investments

“We all need to work together to solve the carbon emission challenge at our corporate level and with the money we manage. As a manager of managers, we also need to engage with and influence the many fund managers we work with on their own net zero journey. I feel we can meaningfully contribute to this world-wide initiative.”

Brad Allgood, AVP & Managing Counsel

"Addressing climate change is critically important for the continued sustainability of our society. I am proud to be able to play a part in guiding our organization through the ever-evolving regulatory and societal expectations on ESG as we seek to become a sustainable asset manager."

Jay Dabholkar, Director, Business Governance

"Climate change affects us all but does not affect us equally. Those who are socially and economically disadvantaged, including the urban poor, the elderly, children, and traditional societies are disproportionately affected by climate impacts. As stewards of capital, I’m proud of the initiatives we have undertaken to tackle climate change for the benefit of all."

Jenifer Rush, Head of Responsible Investing & Manager Research

"Sustainability requires collaboration. It requires learning, sharing and supporting one another. With manager research at the heart of what we do, we assess how other asset managers adopt ESG principles and we engage on their sustainability journeys to collectively take more meaningful strides. I am proud to tell my children that what we building a brighter future – together."

Matthew Stern, CFA,
AVP, Product Development, Sun Life Global Investments

“Providing access to sustainably-driven solutions is one of the first steps towards ensuring that our investors have an opportunity to invest in causes that they can relate to all the while effecting change.”

Sandra Aldeguer,
Sr. Director, Sales and IIC Operations, International Investment Centre

“I grew up in a country that is frequently ravaged by natural disasters.  Therefore, I am cognizant of its massive impact on human life and have likewise witnessed the resilience that it breeds as people find ways to live with these risks while respecting the environment. The latter, respect for the environment, is key if we are to succeed in saving our planet.”

Industry Engagement

Sun Life, its subsidiaries and the SLGI Sustainability Committee participate in a number of industry activities in sustainability and sustainable investing as signatory, member, or expert contributor on select topics.