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Sun Life Global Investments brings MFS Investment Management
to Canadian investors

For over a century, MFS Investment Management has guided American investors through every market condition on record. Today, our exclusive lineup of Sun Life MFS Funds bring Canadian investors the power of their deep-rooted history and expertise.

Bond… Global bond.

From a distinguished pioneer in bond investing,


 Sun Life MFS Global Core Plus Bond Fund

Invests primarily in investment-grade bonds across a broad, global investment universe. May tactically invest up to 20% in global high-yield bonds for greater growth and income potential.

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  • Sun Life MFS Global Growth Fund

    Global equities with above average growth potential.

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  • Sun Life MFS International Opportunities Fund

    International equities focused on sustainable growth.

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  • Sun Life MFS U.S. Growth Fund

    U.S. equities focused on quality, growth, and innovation.

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Mutual funds continue to serve Canadian investors

There are more than
3000 mutual funds in Canada1

Canadians have invested $1.8T
in mutual funds1

More than 4.9M Canadian
households use mutual funds1

In 1924, MFS Investment Management created the first U.S. open-end mutual fund, giving everyday people the opportunity to invest their savings using a professionally managed and cost-effective investment solution.

Celebrating a century of industry firsts

A timeline celebrating a century of investment industry firsts. In 1924, MFS Investment Management establishes North America’s 1st mutual fund.2 In 1932, almost 10 years later, the 1st mutual fund was launched in Canada.3 Also in 1932, after surviving the Great Crash of 1929, MFS Investment Management establishes one of the 1st in-house research departments. In 1940, MFS Investment Management helps draft the Investment Companies Act in the U.S. In 1970, MFS Investment Management pioneers active fixed income by launching their 1st balanced fund in the U.S. In 1981, MFS Investment Management launches the 1st U.S. based global fixed income mutual fund. In 1982, MFS Investment Management is purchased by Sun Life Financial. In 2010, Sun Life Global Investment hires MFS Investment Management to sub-advise mutual funds in Canada. In 2010, MFS Investment Management becomes one of the 1st PRI signatories. In 2024, MFS Investment Management celebrates its 100-year anniversary.

The MFS investment approach

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Collective expertise

Long-term discipline

Active risk management

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1 Source: IFIC as of Oct. 31, 2023

2 In 1924, MFS Investment Management launched the Massachusetts Investors Trust, the first mutual fund in North America. The Massachusetts Investors Trust is a mutual fund qualified for sale in the United States and is not available for purchase by Canadian investors.

3 In 1932, the Canadian markets launched its first mutual fund, the Canadian Investment Fund Ltd. (CIF).

MFS Investment Management Canada Limited is the sub-advisor to the Sun Life MFS Funds; SLGI Asset Management Inc. is the registered portfolio manager. MFS Investment Management Canada Limited has appointed MFS Institutional Advisors, Inc. to provide additional sub-advisory services.