Effective November 27, 2021, the deferred sales charge and low load sales charge purchase options will no longer be available for purchase on Sun Life Global Investments mutual funds. Switches between funds of the same sales charge purchase option will be permitted.


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Large cases

For our large case rates (minimum deposit of $100,000), please call 1-800-800-4SUN/4786 option for 1, 2, 3 or email Large Case Guaranteed Investments@sunlife.com.

To secure an interest rate (non large case) for a new application and obtain a 45 day rate commitment, contact us:

*Note: You must log-in to the sunlife.ca/advisor site in order to access the Commit rate for new application document on the request centre.

We will confirm the rate by sending a confirmation email to be attached to the new application.


*These products are accumulation annuities issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.

**These products are issued by Sun Life Financial Trust Inc.