Effective November 27, 2021, the deferred sales charge and low load sales charge purchase options will no longer be available for purchase on Sun Life Global Investments mutual funds. Switches between funds of the same sales charge purchase option will be permitted.

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Q2 2022 | Market Update

Soaring inflation, rising interest rates and falling consumer confidence are hitting markets.

Solving the Know Your Product (KYP) puzzle

Client Focused Reforms require you to be able to convey complete knowledge and a deep understanding about every investment product you recommend.

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Rising inflation can harm portfolios, but real assets can help mitigate the pain

Inflation requires a plan, we can help you get there.

Key takeaways: Weaponizing Energy in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Opinions and commentary by the Multi-Asset Solutions Team.

Portfolios built for your lifetime

From starting a family to planning for retirement – it can be scary investing your hard-earned money at any stage of life. Especially when there are talks of market volatility, rising interest rates, geopolitical risks and a pandemic in the news. In such times, it is completely natural to have apprehensions and fears around investing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the action.

Product spotlight

Broad diversification, tactical asset allocation and a multimanager approach.


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