Effective November 27, 2021, the deferred sales charge and low load sales charge purchase options will no longer be available for purchase on Sun Life Global Investments mutual funds. Switches between funds of the same sales charge purchase option will be permitted.

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There are a lot of reasons we have become one of the fastest-growing retail and institutional managers in Canada.

Is age 100 the new 85?

Planning to just age 85 or 90 could leave a big gap in your retirement income.



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Trust GICs and GIFs: what's the difference?

Trust GICs and GIFs – while their names are similar, these investments differ in how they work and their purpose. Find out how GICs and GIFs can complement each other in your portfolio. 

MFS Week in Review

A review of the week's top global economic and capital markets news.

Diversification can help smooth out returns over the long term

Diversifying to reduce risk is a key investment strategy. The reason: not all investments will perform in the same way at the same time.

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Broad diversification, tactical asset allocation and a multimanager approach.

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