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Everything paper did, the Investment GIF e-App can do better! 

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New user? Learn how to get started​

Everything paper did, the Investment GIF e-App can do better! 

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New user? Learn how to get started​

A simple, secure way to submit segregated fund contract applications – anytime, anywhere. ​

The Investment GIF e-App helps you streamline the backend so you can save time and get back to what matters – advising.

Save time

Say goodbye to wasted hours filling out paper forms or resubmitting applications due to small errors or missing information.​

Save money

Going digital means you save on business expenses like gas, printing, office supplies… you get the idea! ​

That allows you to give back to your team, Clients, and yourself!

Save our planet

Small changes make a big difference.​

Operating online means less paper, helping our planet in a small but mighty way. 


Get started

The Sun Life GIF e-App is accessed by logging into the
Sun Life Global Investments Advisor Site. ​

If you're an Advisor with a Suncentral login, you can use those credentials to login and access the GIF e-App.

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Note: Advisors must be contracted with Sun Life to submit an application.

Need help? We’re here!​

Want help getting started? We’d be happy to provide a 1:1 demo of the GIF e-App. ​


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Support resources:​

Client Services: 1-844-753-4437​

Technical Support (ATS): 1-800-800-4SUN (4786)​


The Investment GIF e-App is designed as a guided workflow to ensure your application will be accepted the first time around. It helps to simplify your business with: ​

  • Email or fax transfer forms to relinquishing institutions for you
  • Emails the Information Folder, contract and Fund Facts to the Client for you
  • Forward copies to your back office
  • Integrates with Canada Post to eliminate incorrect addresses

  • Collect signatures right away after an application is completed – remote or in-person
  • Submit new deposits or transfers to existing contracts
  • Save your work in progress and come back to it later

  • Homepage dashboard that displays the details and status of your applications
  • Centralized message center where you will find all important communications
  • Clone an application so you can submit more than one quickly and easily
  • Delete incomplete cases from your dashboard. 

Learn more about what the GIF e-App can do, and why advisors love it.​

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