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Everything paper did, the Investment GIF e-App can do better!

The Sun Life Investment GIF e-App was built for convenience.
It’s a simple, secure way to submit segregated fund contract applications – anytime, anywhere. 

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You’re not in the business of paperwork. You’re in the business of building relationships with Clients and offering solutions that work best for them and their families. The Investment GIF e-App helps you streamline the backend so you can save time and get back to what matters – advising.

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Please note: Advisors must be contracted with Sun Life to submit an application.

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If you're an Advisor with a login to the site, you can now use that same login to access the Sun Life Global Investments Advisor site and launch the GIF e-App. 

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How the Investment GIF e-App can simplify your business:

  • Automation

    • Email or fax transfer forms to relinquishing institutions for you
    • Emails the Information Folder, contract and Fund Facts to the Client for you
    • Forward copies to your back office
    • Integrates with Canada Post to eliminate incorrect addresses
  • Flexibility

    • Collect signatures right away after an application is completed – remote or in-person
    • Submit new deposits or transfers to existing contracts
    • Save your work in progress and come back to it later
  • Convenience

    • Homepage dashboard that displays the details and status of your applications
    • Centralized message center where you will find all important communications
    • Clone an application so you can submit more than one quickly and easily
    • Delete incomplete cases from your dashboard. 

The Investment GIF e-App is designed as a guided workflow to ensure your application will be accepted the first time around. But it is also designed to: 

No need to resubmit applications due to small errors or waste hours filling out information.

The Investment GIF e-App provides a simple and secure way to submit segregated fund contract applications, so both you and your Clients can enjoy quick, effortless transactions.

Going digital allows you to save on business expenses like gas, printing, office supplies… you get the idea!

Using the Investment GIF e-App means more money saved on business expenses, which allows you to give back to your team, Clients, and yourself!

Small changes make a big difference.

Operating online means less paper and more convenience for you and your Clients. It also helps our planet in a small but mighty way.

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