KBI Global Investors

KBI Global Investors is an Irish institutional investment boutique, with specialized expertise in global dividend investing, natural resources and responsible investing.

  • Scale

    $23.5 billion in assets under management 

  • Deep history

    Founded in 1980 in Dublin, Ireland

  • Global presence

    Manages investments for an institutional, globally diverse client-base (UK, Europe, North America and Asia)

  • Responsible investing pioneer

    A pioneer in Natural Resource Equity investing since 2000 with a strong commitment to environmental, social & governance (ESG) investing

Investment process

KBI’s primary goal is to offer differentiated and innovative investment strategies to capture consistent alpha, with minimal risk.

KBI has a strong commitment to Responsible Investing (RI) issues, and has managed Responsible Investment strategies for more than three decades. For a fourth consecutive year, Principles for Responsible Investment (supported by the United Nations) has awarded an A+ rating (its highest rating), across all three assessed modules relevant to KBI’s overall approach to Responsible Investment and the management of equities,

KBI’s specialist investment teams (Global Equity and Natural Resources Equity) are exclusively focused on understanding the nuances of markets, themes, sectors and companies specific to their strategy. This enables them to consistently gain insights that others with a broader focus may miss. KBI believes this approach has been, and will continue to be, an integral element to adding overall value-add.

Funds sub-advised

Core global dividend solution that seeks to achieve a blend of dividend income and capital appreciation by investing in dividend paying securities around the world. 

Designed to seek out and find the companies that will be the solutions providers to the problems created by significant increase in demand for water, food and energy over the next number of decades. 

A high-conviction, actively managed portfolio focused on capturing the  opportunities in global sustainable infrastructure assets.

Information in CAD as of September 30, 2023

1KBI Global Investors is the collective term for KBI Global Investors Ltd, and its wholly owned subsidiary, KBI Global Investors (North America) Ltd.