Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF

Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF offers you flexibility, choice and can provide piece of mind with lifetime guaranteed income. You make decisions when you're ready – you control when you want to start taking income.

Benefits of Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF

  • Lifetime guaranteed income

    Gives you the certainty of knowing what your minimum lifetime guaranteed income will be, the choice of when to start taking it and the ability for it to grow in the years leading up to retirement. Your lifetime guaranteed income amount is determined by multiplying the current market value by what the determined income rate* is at the time you start taking income.

  • Annual resets

    If you choose not to start taking income immediately, your minimum lifetime guaranteed income might increase for every year you defer. Increases can happen when markets and interest rates are favourable during the years leading up to retirement. If conditions are favourable, the guaranteed income amount* can potentially increase yearly.

  • Access to quality portfolio managers

    Choose from a broad selection of industry-leading funds. Make the most of the investment expertise of leading global portfolio managers

  • Control over legacy settlement

    You can choose how you'd like us to pay the death benefit to your beneficiaries. We can do this as a lump sum payment or guaranteed payments that can last for the life of your beneficiary(s).

Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF can provide you with piece of mind with lifetime guaranteed income

See how Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF can help meet your retirement investment and income goals.

Life stage need Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF
 Building for the future - Much of my income goes toward monthly expenses. It's hard to find time, but growing and protecting what I have is important to me.
  • Allows your savings to grow throughout your working years
  • Offers resets of future guaranteed income every year market values and interest rates increase
  • Provides you flexibility and choice to decide when to start drawing an income from your investment
  • Has a diverse fund line-up from leading global portfolio managers
  • Assurance of knowing what your minimum lifetime guaranteed income will be
  • Control over your legacy
 Getting ready for retirement - Retirement isn't far away and I want to grow my savings.
In retirement - I'm retired (semi-retired). My savings, investments and pension(s) cover my basic lifestyle needs. I've saved enough for retirement, but I still have more money to invest and I want myincome to grow while I'm retired.
Legacy - I want to choose how my estate will be distributed.

To learn more about how Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF can help you meet your investment goals, talk to your advisor today.


* Withdrawals reduce your guarantees. Refer to the Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF Information Folder and Contract for a complete description of the maturity guarantee.