Advisor tools and calculators

Our tools and calculators can help advisors develop recommendations for clients by outlining key concepts and bringing ideas to life. Select the tool best suited for your client to start their investment journey with Sun Life Global Investments.

Mutual funds

  • Investment illustration tool

    Demonstrate the historical performance for any constructed model portfolio (using our Series A funds).

    What you get: To build a model portfolio and generate a professional quality report for clients.

    Takes about 2 minutes.

  • Granite Managed Solutions proposal tool

    In four simple steps: assess clients’ risk profile, clarify their investment objectives, recommend a Granite managed portfolio and discuss the strategic asset mix.

    What you get: A report of a selected Granite Managed Solutions Portfolio, to be used as consideration for investment purposes.

    Takes about 3 minutes.

  • Series T calculator

    Using this online tool, you can estimate the annual cash flow from an investment in our Series AT funds (before and after tax) and generate a professional report for clients.

    What you get: Help illustrate the features of series AT funds to clients.

    Takes about 3 minutes.

Segregated funds and annuities

  • Sun Life Investment GIF e-App

    Use the Sun Life Investment GIF e-App to save time for you and your Clients with a faster application process and a guided workflow.

    Note: You will need to sign in to access the tool.

  • Current income rates

    By entering a Client’s age, gender and deposit amount, you can easily determine the amount of income they could receive at various ages based on current income rates.



  • Sun Life GIFs Proposal tool

    This tool provides Clients with a customizable proposal report. It can show fund and performance information and product illustrations including lifetime guaranteed income for Sun GIF Solutions Income Series and Sun Lifetime Advantage GIF.  This tool also includes an Estate Planning calculator and a longevity calculator.

    Note: You will need to sign in to access this tool.

  • Choose your path

    Put your business on the right path. Help Clients understand where they are and where they’re going with Sun Life GIFs.


  • eSignature Form Selection Tool & Signature Centre

    The eSignature Form Selection Tool available on Signature Centre allows advisors to obtain Clients eSignature on applications and forms.

    Note: You will need to sign in to the Sun Life Advisor site to access the tool.

  • Payout Annuity Income Illustration

    Create your own illustrations with current rates before filling out an application. Advisors must be contracted with Sun Life prior to completing an application. 

Multi-Asset Solutions

  • Retirement Income Navigator

    Introducing Retirement Income Navigator – This is a tool that helps advisors navigate our line up of mutual funds, segregated funds, payout annuities, insurance GICs and trust GICS. By answering a few simple questions about your client's needs, you can access marketing materials for our suite of products whether your clients are saving for retirement or managing their money in retirement.


Review your business with Sun Life Global Investments:

  • SLGI Connect

    A web platform that provides you with easy access to client account details and information.

    Log-in to use SLGI Connect

  • MySunLifeGIFS tool

    An online tool you can use to view your Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds business. 

    Access MySunLifeGIFS tool

*Sun Life GIFs are individual variable annuity contracts issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies. Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract owner and may increase or decrease in value.