Effective November 27, 2021, the deferred sales charge and low load sales charge purchase options will no longer be available for purchase on Sun Life Global Investments mutual funds. Switches between funds of the same sales charge purchase option will be permitted.

Trust GICs

Trust GICs are guaranteed investment certificates that protect your principal and guarantee an interest rate for reliable growth. They help safeguard your savings from the ups and downs of the market.  We offer SLF Trust GIC and Sun GIC Max**.

Our Trust GIC products are diverse, offering short-term, long-term and flexible-maturity dates, as well as a daily interest investment.

Benefits of Trust GICs


    One of the safest and simplest investments you can have.


    Rates are guaranteed for a fixed period of time.


    Both redeemable and non-redeemable options are available.

Explore our Trust GICs

Sun GIC Max**

Our non-redeemable Sun GIC Max offers higher guaranteed interest rates than our SLF Trust GIC and is suitable if you don’t need access your money prior to maturity.

Learn more about Sun GIC Max

SLF Trust GIC**

Our redeemable SLF Trust GIC provides guaranteed interest with access your money at any time (subject to a possible market value adjustment).

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To learn more about how Sun Life's Trust GICs can help you meet your investment goals, talk to your financial advisor today.


**SLF Trust GIC and Sun GIC Max are issued by Sun Life Financial Trust Inc.