BlackRock Asset Management

BlackRock is one of the largest investment managers in the world. With global reach and local presence, they bring their in-depth experience to Canadian equity investing.

  • Deep history

    BlackRock was established in 1988 in the United States1

  • Trusted partner

    Today, they manage over $12.7 trillion in assets, offering more than 850 iShares® exchange traded funds (ETFs) world-wide 2

  • Vast capabilities

    They have over 2,300 investment professionals and 25 primary investment centers spread across the globe, with clients in over 100 countries

  • Well-recognized

    Their parent firm trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker BLK

Investment process

Sun Life BlackRock Canadian Equity Fund is a passively managed portfolio that invests in BlackRock’s iShares ETFs – which offer diversified and low-cost ways to tap into the potential of the markets. 

The Fund provides a strategic mix of approximately 70% Canadian equities and 30% global equities. 

The global equity component typically:

  • Includes about 20% exposure to the United States and 10% to the rest of the world;
  • Includes sectors that are not well represented in Canada, such as Information technology, Health care, Consumer discretionary, Consumer staples, and Industrials;
  • Serves as a natural diversifier to the Canadian equities, helping to lower the portfolio risk. 

Funds sub-advised

Sun Life BlackRock Canadian Equity Fund

A passive, Canadian-focused equity fund designed for capital growth. 

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1 “BlackRock” means BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited and other BlackRock affiliates world-wide. BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited is the sub-advisor for Sun Life BlackRock Canadian Equity Fund.

2 Source: Blackrock as of January 31, 2022; U.S. currency converted to Canadian dollars.