Sun Life GIFs Investment options

Find important investment option information, detailed fund descriptions along with investing strategies that incorporate the wide range of the Sun Life GIFs product.

Sun Life GIFs Investment options and Fund descriptions

Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) offer a range of investment options. Below you’ll find the funds available within Sun Life GIFs, along with the fund description. These documents also identify the funds that are available for Private Client Pricing.

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Designed to help you achieve your financial goals — and invest for the future you dream of.

Portfolios to align with your risk tolerance and investment object - all at a cost-effective price.

Designed to provide you lifetime guaranteed income.

Seeks diversity through a broad range of asset classes, as well as reliable income with long-term growth potential.

This program provides affluent investors with a variety of investment options with competitive fees.

Low fee strategies sub-advised by MFS Investment Management.  Offering guarantees, growth potential and diversification.

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Cash wedge strategy

An investment allocation strategy to help steady your retirement income in time of market volatility

Segregated funds cost more than mutual funds. Why?

The answer is “insurance” – in the form of death benefit, maturity, and, in some cases, income guarantees.

Build a RRIF to help manage risk

Sun GIF Solutions Income Series can provide a customized solution helping you to plan for retirement income that will last for your lifetime.

* Sun Protect GIF contracts are no longer available for new contracts sales as of June 1, 2021.  Existing contracts continue to be open for subsequent deposits.