Investment markets constantly change. In our fund reviews, portfolio managers discuss specific funds and keep you up to date with returns and the markets.

Quarterly fund reviews

Q4 2019

 Sun Life Granite Managed Portfolios
Commentary, asset allocation and key tactical changes for all seven Granite funds.

Sun Life MFS Global Growth Fund
Sun Life MFS International Value Fund
Sun Life MFS Low Volatility Global Equity Fund
Sun Life MFS U.S. Growth Fund
Sun Life JPMorgan International Equity Fund
Sun Life Excel Emerging Markets Fund
Sun Life Excel India Fund
Sun Life Excel High Income Fund

Monthly Tactical Updates

March 2020

 Granite Managed Portfolios Tactical Update
With the virus spreading rapidly to other countries and markets turning volatile, we quickly shifted to a neutral position in equities.

 Fixed Income ETF Tactical Update
If interest rates continue to fall and compress yields, it will become even more difficult to find an adequate payout. And that reality led us to add to our overweight position in emerging market government debt, which currently has a better risk/return profile than high yield bonds.

Fund review videos

Q4 2019

CIO Sadiq S. Adatia discusses portfolio positioning in Sun Life Granite Managed Solutions through the last quarter of 2019.

CIO Sadiq S. Adatia discusses geographic and asset class positioning in our Q4 2019 video review of Sun Life Tactical ETF Portfolios.

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