Simple. Flexible. Efficient. 

Private Client gives you a simple, flexible and efficient approach to investing in mutual fund accounts and segregated fund contracts for affluent investors. You can select from a variety of investment options with highly competitive fees. Experience an exceptional level of service and other advantages tailored to the needs of investors like you.

The Private Client advantage

Choose from a range of Sun Life Global Investments mutual funds or Sun Life GIFs segregated funds to meet your investment needs at every stage of your life.

Automatic enrolment 

Once you reach a $100,000 market value in an eligible mutual fund or in eligible units in a Sun Life GIFs contract, you will automatically be enrolled in the Private Client program.

Management fee reduction

Once enrolled in the Private Client program, you may also qualify for additional management fee reductions that increase as your portfolio grows.

Reduce taxes and keep more of what you earn

If you have non-registered investments, Sun Life Global Investments corporate class mutual funds may be a tax-wise option.

Automatically stay on track

You can choose to have your mutual fund portfolio automatically rebalanced to help ensure your investments are a current reflection of your goals and tolerance for risk.

More portfolio options

Sun Life Global Investments has low minimum investment requirements per fund, based on a minimum account/contract requirement of $100,000. This means you can build a portfolio with multiple funds to qualify for the Private Client program.

Get started now

Talk to your advisor to learn more about the advantages of Sun Life Global Investments Private Client.