Sun GIF Solutions - Income Series

Sun GIF Solutions Income Series provides a predictable, sustainable life time guaranteed income to help give additional peace of mind and certainty in retirement. The lifetime guaranteed income can also compliment other forms of guaranteed retirement income, such as CPP, QPP, and OAS to help plan your retirement with confidence.

Sun GIF Solutions Income Series

Income Series can lock in a lifetime guaranteed income – helping you solve for a piece of the retirement puzzle.

Benefits Include: 

  • Guaranteed income for life - certainty of guaranteed income for life that won't decrese even in volitiale markets.

    For more information on the Income series see our Sun GIF Solutions Income Series

  • Deferal Option - Defer taking your income until you're ready. For each year you defer, your guaranteed lifetime income account increases. *

  • Access to money -
    You have potential access to money if needed. *

  • Ease of transition to retirement income - Take care of your changing needs with a convenient process to begin receiving income when you're ready.

  • Sun Strategic Income Fund

    Designed to provide you life time guaranteed income, it's investment focus is on secure, investment-grade fixed income investments.

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*Withdrawals affect the value of contract guarantees.

**See the Sun GIF Solutions Income Series Information folder and Contract for more information.