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Building a secure financial future in a world of permanent uncertainty has never been harder. But our unwavering commitment to helping investors build wealth and manage risk, is why Canadians have increasingly embraced our products and services. 

We have partnered with the practice management team at Sun Life Consulting to develop programs and services that can help advisors strengthen client relationships and grow their business. 

Here's how we can work together to help advisors and clients plan, prepare and grow: 

Business building

Leverage proven practices of leading advisors to assist with business development and to improve client experiences.

Marketing yourself

Identity and share distinct characteristics to help stand out and leave a lasting impression.


Advice and stewardship

Build and solidify deep client relationships.



Move from idea to action. Sun Life Consulting can show you how.

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Meet the Sun Life Consulting team

Wayne G. Miller
Head of Sun Life Consulting

Angelo Parziale
Director, Eastern Region

Alison Campbell
Director, Western Region

John Stewart
Director, Advice & Stewardship

Jillian Farrow
BA Hons, B.Ed
Director, Research & Development 

Katie Grauer
BA Hons
Senior Manager,
Practice Management

Liz Pfohl
Senior Manager,
Advice & Stewardship

Erika Bauder
Specialist, Business Development 

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