• A key question for 2022 will be the ability of markets to remain resilient in the face of waning stimulus, a reshaped workforce and more persistent inflationary pressures
  • Monetary policy actions in 2022 may be key to global markets as central banks across the globe take diverging paths with some remaining accommodative, while many others tighten.
  • We think it’s important to try to avoid today’s and tomorrow’s headlines and quick market reactions in order to think about central banks on a longer-term basis
  • The Fed stands ready to raise rates “soon”, laying the groundwork for potential increases at their next meeting in March. That would be the first time since December 2018, a major development for global markets
  • Global investors may need to pay attention to the macro environment in terms of the growth-inflation mix, which is a critical input into the Fed’s reaction function
  • The Fed’s approach to reducing its balance sheet may also require watching
  • The risks appear skewed towards the Fed under-delivering on the policy front.
  • There are three hikes currently priced in for 2022, followed by two more hikes in 2023, and a bit more tightening in 2024. 
  • The delivery of three hikes may be a tall order, which may materialize only if the US economy remains in full overheating territory. On balance, there is a risk that the Fed falls short, whereas the odds of producing four hikes are low at this juncture.
  • This asymmetric risk has important market implications. This may suggest that the USD may plateau or even possibly reverse in 2022 if the Fed policy moves are underwhelming.

Investment implications:

  • Expect central banks to take divergent paths based on the idiosyncratic economic factors in each country or domain, which may create opportunity for active positioning in fixed income
  • We firmly believe as a company that interest rates and duration play a role in a diversified portfolio
  • Many G10 central banks appear likely to join the emerging market counterparts in raising policy rates in 2022, lifting shorter term yields

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