Market updates

Federal Budget 2023

Fighting inflation & going greener

Federal Budget 2023

Fighting inflation & going greener

  • April 05, 2023

    Q1 2023 | Market Update

    Markets rollercoaster through a volatile first quarter after interest rates expectations fluctuate.

  • March 28, 2023

    Federal Budget 2023

    Federal budget 2023 includes green tax credits, measures to make it easier to use RESPs and RDSPs, and benefits to help lower income Canadians fight inflation.

  • March 15, 2023

    Silicon Valley Bank and U.S. Regional Bank Fallout – What it means for Canadian investors

    Canadian markets turned volatile recently due to bank runs in the U.S. Despite the market turmoil, we encourage Canadian investors to stay invested. While bank runs may have limited direct impact on Canadian economy, the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision could dictate the tone for Canada.

  • February 28, 2023

    Why it’s vital to consider low probability investment risks

    At times, investors tend to underestimate risks that seem unlikely to happen. But potentially high impact risks that have a low probability of occurring are important to consider while building and managing portfolios. Here is a list of such risks that markets could encounter in the short to medium term.

  • February 15, 2023

    Why interest rates may stay higher for longer than markets expect

    2023 has just  begun, but so far inflation and interest rates continue to dominate business headlines. Central banks around the world are deliberating what to do next after relentlessly raising interest rates to fight off the highest inflation we’ve seen in the last 30 years. Rate hikes have affected all asset classes and left investors with few places to hide. Inflation, although likely passed its peak, remains elevated and it could be a while until it’s under control.

  • January 13, 2023

    Q4 2022 | Market Update

    Rapid interest rate hikes reset valuations for major asset classes in 2022. We expect the focus to turn to concerns about growth and earnings slowing down in 2023. 

  • December 21, 2022

    Bonds: the worst is behind us

    After a horrendous 2022, bonds look poised for a better year in 2023. We think high quality bonds and their income potential could help portfolios overcome volatility in the year ahead.