Finance and the arts - why?

Perhaps you’ve heard that Sun Life Global Investments (SLGI) has partnered with Cirque du Soleil as presenting sponsor in Canada, and you’ve wondered… “An investment company and the arts? Why?”

Sun Life Global Investments Launches 2019 Sponsorship of FuturFund

Sun Life Global Investments is pleased to be the 2019 title sponsor for FuturFund, an organization that instills financial literacy in high school students and their communities. We recently interviewed FuturFund founders to bring visibility to their purpose and passion.

Three ways tactical asset allocation can help build wealth

Content from: Globe Edge Content Studio

If there’s one word that describes the markets this year, it’s volatility. And when markets are volatile, investors need more than a plan that’s set on autopilot.

Why companies in emerging markets can still provide great growth

Content from: Globe Edge Content Studio

As more people in developing markets move into the middle class, domestic demand is growing

Starting over after grey divorce

Whether you call it grey divorce or silver separations, the phenomenon is on the rise in Canada.

Investing lessons learned from high-net-worth investors

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Think rich. It sounds too simple to work as a strategy to successfully save for retirement. But stealing a page from the playbook of high-net-worth investors is not a bad idea at all.

Two ways people fall short in retirement planning

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Preparing for a retirement is best looked at as running a marathon rather than sprinting over a 100-meter dash.

Illuminating turning points in the markets, data and client outcomes

By: Lori Landry, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Institutional Business

I recently sat down with Kathrin Forrest, Portfolio Manager at Sun Life Global Investments, to talk about her journey into the investment profession, navigating constant change and the role of mentorship.

"She who dares, wins" and other golden career tips: in conversation with Jennifer Lippin Rexinis

By: Lori Landry, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Institutional Business

Jennifer Lippin Rexinis is Director, Investment Product Specialist in the Global Product Group at MFS. We sat down to discuss why fixed income is often misunderstood, the importance of gumption and not apologizing.

7 ways men and women see retirement differently

By: Lori Landry, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Institutional Business

Mostly, we see eye to eye. But on seven key questions, many Canadian men and women have different perspectives about what happens after work.

Is beta smart enough for you?

By: Kathrin Forrest, M.A., CFA., Portfolio Manager, Sun Life Global Investments

Low returns may be here to stay. See how active management can help.

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