Sun Protect GIF contracts are no longer available for new contracts sales as of June 1, 2021.  Existing contracts continue to be open for subsequent deposits.

Sun Protect GIF is built to protect your investments and lock in market growth while building your savings.

Benefits of Sun Protect GIF

Protect your investment with a 100% maturity guarantee

We guarantee 100% of the deposits you make in the first year. We offer a 75% maturity guarantee on deposits you make after the first anniversary date.*

Maturity Guarantee Resets

Lock in market growth with the ability to reset your maturity guarantee amount. You can initiate a reset of you maturity guarantee up to 4 times a year.*

Protect your legacy with a 100% death benefit guarantee

When you die, we’ll pay your beneficiary a death benefit that is the greater of the death benefit guarantee (100% of deposits) or the current market value.*

Access to quality portfolio managers

Choose from a broad selection of industry-leading funds.  Make the most of the investment expertise of leading global portfolio managers

Sun Protect GIF can help you protect your investments

Sun Protect GIF can safeguard your investments and help you save toward a particular long-term goal.  It allows you to invest confidently knowing you’re protected with guarantees. Sun Protect GIF paves the way for you to reach your destination and secure your savings.

Life stage need Sun Protect GIF
Building for the future - I want to grow and protect my savings and investments.
  • Allows your savings to grow throughout your working years
  • Offers 100% maturity and death benefit guarantees
  • Has the diversity of funds to benefit from leading global portfolio managers
  • Control over your legacy
Getting ready for retirement - I have a specific investment timeline or goal in mind.
In retirement  - I'm retired (semi-retired). My savings, investments and pension(s) cover my basic lifestyle needs.
Legacy - I want reassurance that the beneficiaries I've chosen will

To learn more about how Sun Protect GIF can help you meet your investment goals, talk to your advisor today.


* You can request to reset your maturity guarantee up to 4 times per year until age 80. See the Sun Protect GIF information folder and contract for more information. Withdrawals reduce your guarantees.

For information on funds available for Sun Protect GIF contracts that were existing prior to June 1, 2021 – Please refer to the Sun Protect GIF Investment Options piece (810-4849), and the most current Funds-at-a-Glance (810-4342).