SLC Management Core Fixed Income Plus strategy

The investment objective of the strategy is to seek to achieve total return by providing income while preserving capital over the medium term, and by investing primarily in a diverse portfolio of public fixed income assets. The strategy may seek additional income and return from private fixed income securities, Canadian commercial mortgages, and/or non-Canadian investment-grade public and private fixed income assets.

Comprised of:

  • 36% Core fixed income
  • 4.5% Private fixed income
  • 4.5% Canadian commercial mortgages

The strategy will invest in a wide range of securities available in public fixed income markets to seek to achieve positive active returns, optimize the risk/reward trade-off of the portfolio, and to support ongoing cash flow management. Investments in public debt will work in conjunction with the private debt and/or commercial mortgage investments by reflecting the manager’s fundamental credit research views, coupled with forecasts for interest rates, yield curves, and credit sectors/industries. When the manager’s views change, public debt will typically be traded to reposition the strategy’s portfolio to reflect the manager’s then-current views.

Investments made directly or indirectly (through investment in other funds) in private fixed income assets will have the potential to incrementally add value by offering higher yields relative to publicly available fixed income alternatives and superior credit quality (typically ranking senior in the capital structure with security over assets and stronger covenants). These investments typically consist of highly negotiated customized debt financing solutions to address the issuer’s unique needs and are not suited to public market debt financing, which may allow for wider spreads to be earned by the strategy.

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