SLC Management U.S. Core Fixed Income Fund

Established in 2019, SLC Management combines and organizes affiliated institutional fixed income asset management businesses: Ryan Labs, Sun Life Institutional Investments, as well as Sun Life’s general accounts into an autonomous asset management business.

SLC Management has two related, but distinct pillars – a fixed income pillar and a real estate pillar. The fixed income pillar operates under the SLC Management brand name. The real estate pillar is comprised of the merged operations of SLC Management’s BentallGreenOak.

SLC Management seeks to add value through issue selection and sector allocation within the fixed income markets. It doesn’t use interest rate anticipation and instead focuses on security level inefficiencies to drive performance. Fundamental and technical research and analysis of the corporate credit and structured credit markets are used to identify a universe of issues within a sector and subsector to determine which issues are selected for a portfolio. The firm believes that these objectives are best achieved through active issue selection while operating within the credit quality limitations of a given benchmark. The Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index is used as a benchmark as it broadly reflects the U.S. fixed income market.

The Fund’s investment objective is to seek to generate income and capital appreciation primarily by investing directly in an actively managed and diversified portfolio of U.S. fixed-income securities. The Fund seeks to maintain an average credit quality rating of investment grade and aims to remain duration neutral against the benchmark. SLC Management conducts fundamental bottom up analysis, focusing on key components of an issuer’s financial statements to identify investment opportunities.

SLC is the institutional asset management business of Sun Life Financial Inc.